Yogi Mentality

Yesterday (meaning Sunday, It’s after midnight, but I have not gone to bed yet, so things get a little confusing) I woke up feeling frazzled and achy and had one thing on my mind… YOGA. Hot yoga specifically. Unfortunately, I had to work that night, so I had to settle for some self lead “bar yoga” (It’s real I promise).

This yoga craving did not subside, but luckily the gym that I tried hot yoga at before had a class tonight. I solicited a friend to go with me, forked over my ten dollars and camped out by the door to the classroom. I NEEDED this class and I was not about to lose my spot.

Normally I’m a group fitness competitor. If the instructor gives different modifications you can bet your bottom dollar that I will choose the most difficult option (even if it is not necessarily the one best suited to my current level of fitness). Yoga is no exception. I always try to do the most challenging poses, and get into the deepest stretch. I want to be the best damn yogi in the class and I want for everyone to know it!

Tonight was different. I was at the back of the class, and the lights were off, so no one could see me (not that they know who I am anyways). I tried my best to continually place my attention on what I was feeling, and what my body needed. Did I need to hold this pose a little longer? Should I utilize the easy modification? What transitioning method did I really want to do tonight?

It made for a completely different experience. I felt like I was nurturing my body, rather than punishing it. When the hour was over I was in a completely different mindset. I felt relaxed, refreshed, and genuinely content. Setting aside that hour for myself tonight was one of the most enjoyable things I have done in weeks (and that is saying something because I just graduated from college)!

Hotties and Hot Yoga

Last night I went to a hot yoga class with a group of my sisters!

Although I have taken many yoga classes, including an entire semester of it my freshman year I had never tried hot yoga and was really excited to see what the hype was all about. Michelle (in the tank top) and Jamie (in the pink) are regular “hot yogis” at a studio in Raleigh. Lindsey has owned a yoga mat for two years, but she unrolled it for the first time last night.

We had an array of experience.

I expected for the room to be like a sauna. I was wrong. There was a kickboxing class right before we started, so they did not turn off the air conditioning until immediately before we went in. Then they brought in space heaters and turned them on as we were beginning. It took a while for the room to warm up.

Regardless it definitely got hot enough for us to get sweaty. My mat became so wet that it was slimey, it was a miracle that I didn’t slip.

Big props to my girls for being good sports about posing for pictures in awkward public places.

Notice anything different??? Lindsey is a freak and she didn’t sweat at all. She was totally grossed out by the rest of us. It may look like I’m not that sweaty, but don’t be fooled. The moisture wicking fabric definitely did its job. How is it even possible that I look better in the after picture?

I was so impressed with Michelle and Jamie’s sudoriferous glands that I made them do individual photo shoots. I have no idea why they are my friends!

I really enjoyed the class. Towards the end I felt like I definitely got into it. Although I don’t think I am going to sign up to take this class every week, I would be down to try it again.

Present in the Mail

Things have been interesting lately for sure.

Simple tasks have turned into catastrophes. Getting things accomplished has been a struggle. Take today for example:

  1. I overslept. My alarm clock was beeping, but I was not waking up. I finally realized how late it was when my dog put her cold nose in my eyeball (definitely my favorite way to wake up). Luckily, I got it together and made it to class right on time.
  2. I awoke to a face full of pimples.
  3. I had an hour break in between classes, so I thought I would treat myself to a coffee. Got up to pay for it… No debit card. No cash. Plenty of embarrassment.
  4. I received an e-mail saying that I owed another almost $300 for tuition. GRRREAT!
  5. So I rush over to campus to pay it before they close for the day, park in the wrong spot and end up owing them another $15.00 for a parking ticket.
  6. My yoga class that I had been anticipating with excitement for days was cancelled.
  7. I went out for Mexican and the waiter was not nice. He was rude, and kind of hurt my feelings.

Luckily I had a bomb workout today and ended up in an endorphin induced haze of good feelings (the best kind), and got a very exciting package in the mail!

NEW SPORTS BRASSSSSS! I only had to buy one textbook this semester, and I’m taking two workout related classes, so I decided that I NEEDED some new athletic apparel. I mean they’re school supplies RIGHT?!?!