A Life Without Limits

After reading Chrissie Wellington’s memoir I feel like I know her personally. The four time Ironman World Champion is candid about subjects that many people would be more comfortable avoiding (including eating disorders and diarrhea).

The amazing thing about her story is that she was much more of a bookworm than an athlete growing up. When I think of professional athletes I think of people with a natural ability who have been excelling from an early age. Chrissie Wellington did not pursue professional triathlons until she was thirty years old. Her humble  athletic background and late start give her a Cinderella-esque quality that I love`.

She talks in detail throughout the book about the mental toughness that it took to be able to make it through all aspects of the Ironman (training sessions, particular races when problems arose, missing her family, a less than receptive welcome). I can’t imagine anyone not respecting her mentality and I loved learning more about what she was thinking and feeling throughout her journey.

Overall, I thought this book was a great easy read, and I feel like I learned a lot from it. There were sections of the book that seemed a little irrelevant, but who am I to judge someone else’s experience.


“I will always remember my dad’s parting advice: ‘Just seize every opportunity you have, embrace every experience. Make a mark, for all the right reasons.’ I threw myself into it from the start, and I thrived.”

“Running day in, day out with somebody is the quickest way to forge a friendship…You see each other at your rawest, with no makeup or fancy clothes, just Lycra, sweat and sometimes tears.”

“Never imagine anything is impossible, and never stop trying out new things. My life has taken me to so many wonderful places and has truly enriched me. None of it would have been possible if I’d let timidity overcome the impulse to explore.”


Tracking Workouts

I woke up this morning in a stinking bad mood for no obvious reason. I’m sure that it didn’t have anything to do with this snuggle-bug being a bed hog all night.

After lingering for way too long over coffee and the news I decided to just shake it off and hit the gym. The student rec center that I use LOOOOOOVE was open today for the first time since Christmas and I was antsy to be reunited.

I did a little baby triathlon with a bike, run, and swim (all short distances focusing on intervals of speed). I felt AWESOME afterwards! It was especially great to swim laps, something that I love, but don’t do often enough!

One of my resolutions was to come up with a better way to log my workouts. When I wrote the list my intention was to use excel or a journal, but I have decided to try out Daily Mile. I read someone else’s description of it as “facebook for gym rats”. You log your workouts. Your friends can see what you log, and leave you comments. I currently have three friends.

If you are considering pursuing any type of fitness related goal, then I would love for you to  join me on daily mile and be my friend! (That way I can stalk your workouts)