Rainy Day Musings

It is storming like crazy complete with flooding and hail here. Of course I did not plan ahead, so my computer is dead and I’m too scared of a power surge to charge it.

The rooms is doing okay. She is still a little shaken up by the experience. Neither of us are able to look at the fences surrounding our apartment complex the same way. We’ve been able to patch up her wound without too much drama (no more fainting on my end), and she’s hanging in there.

We took a walk around our apartment complex today. This was obviously a little painful for her, but the doctors instructed her that movement would be beneficial.

GOOD NEWS: I have lost a little over six pounds since graduation. I had an inkling that I had lost some weight (otherwise I wouldn’t have stepped foot on that scale), but am surprised by how much. Without the stressors associated with school, I have been doing a lot less munching on the go and emotional eating. I’m really excited and definitely plan to keep it up!

My legs feel ridiculously sore. I think in part I’m having sympathy pains for poor Kim. The stadium workout on Monday obviously kicked my butt (or calves). I’ve been trying to keep my complaints to a minimum (the rooms threatens to smack me whenever I do), and have been going at them with tennis ball massages. I think that they are helping (I hope so anyways).

Happy Wednesday!