Hotties and Hot Yoga

Last night I went to a hot yoga class with a group of my sisters!

Although I have taken many yoga classes, including an entire semester of it my freshman year I had never tried hot yoga and was really excited to see what the hype was all about. Michelle (in the tank top) and Jamie (in the pink) are regular “hot yogis” at a studio in Raleigh. Lindsey has owned a yoga mat for two years, but she unrolled it for the first time last night.

We had an array of experience.

I expected for the room to be like a sauna. I was wrong. There was a kickboxing class right before we started, so they did not turn off the air conditioning until immediately before we went in. Then they brought in space heaters and turned them on as we were beginning. It took a while for the room to warm up.

Regardless it definitely got hot enough for us to get sweaty. My mat became so wet that it was slimey, it was a miracle that I didn’t slip.

Big props to my girls for being good sports about posing for pictures in awkward public places.

Notice anything different??? Lindsey is a freak and she didn’t sweat at all. She was totally grossed out by the rest of us. It may look like I’m not that sweaty, but don’t be fooled. The moisture wicking fabric definitely did its job. How is it even possible that I look better in the after picture?

I was so impressed with Michelle and Jamie’s sudoriferous glands that I made them do individual photo shoots. I have no idea why they are my friends!

I really enjoyed the class. Towards the end I felt like I definitely got into it. Although I don’t think I am going to sign up to take this class every week, I would be down to try it again.


Twelve Miles and a Frog Friend

Posted on July 24, 2011

The highlight of my morning had to be when I decided that I absolutely must use a porta-potty(EWWW). I am pretty certain that there was a frog living in the toilet. I could hear him croaking and echoing which definitely made for an interesting bathroom experience. I was scared that he was going to jump out at me covered in porta-potty shit slime. He didn’t.

My run this morning was hard. I had to really tap into my inner cheerleader to get through all twelve miles. My whole body felt stiff and achy. It was above eighty degrees at 5 am, and so humid that I felt like I was in a greenhouse.

After about seven miles I realized that I was COVERED in sweat. My hair was drenched in sweat, my white running tank was totally see through (luckily I had on a bra, so I didn’t get in trouble for public indecency), and the worst part was my butt. It was soaked. I’m sure that the cars driving past me thought I was completely insane. I wished that I was wearing a t-shirt that said something along the lines of, “If you were running twelve miles your crack would be sweating too!”

Afterwards I soaked in an ice bath for ten minutes. It was almost more miserable than peeing in fear of the port-potty frog. I spent the rest of the day eating, sleeping, and whining. I feel like a crank, and although today didn’t exactly get me pumped it was a physical and mental workout. I know that I am getting stronger, and better prepared for the Chicago Marathon.