My Muscles Have No Idea What The F Is Going On

Allow me to introduce this bad boy… the eight inch step platform!

Yeah it looks like no big thing, but trust me this guy is rough. We have recently become acquainted, and he makes me hurt so good.

Lately I have been OBSESSED with group fitness classes. I have been to like three or four in the past week. They (I’m not to sure who “they” are) say that muscle confusion is the key to improvement. My muscles have no idea what the F is going on, and I have lost three and a half pounds.

What I love about the group fitness is that it pushes me to work body parts (oh I have arms???) that I would never have the motivation/ discipline to work on my own.

In other waaaaaaay cooler news…

The roomsie and I registered for a half marathon tonight! We’re pretty excited!

Day one of training starts tomorrow.