Thankful Things Thursday

Two of the bloggers that I stalk incessantly do this thing every week called “Thankful Things Thursday” it’s pretty self explanatory. I always love their posts, but have yet to partake in the action. This week I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. Maybe it’s from extra endorphines, maybe it’s because my anxiety level has dropped since I purged my diet of coffee and soda, maybe I am just an a-hole who doesn’t take the time to realize all of the blessings that are right in front of me!

Anyways, this week I am diving in head first. Here is what I’m thankful for:

  • Group Fitness Instructors who push me harder than I push myself
  • Supportive Friends who not only understand, but appreciate what a nut I am.
  • Puppy Kisses, really they are the best!
  • Races, what could be more fun than running with a big group of people.
  • Naps, I don’t think I would be surviving this semester if wasn’t for these great little nuggets in the middle of my afternoons.
  • Sore abs, chest, butt, and legs because that’s how I know I’m getting stronger.
  • My first black toenail, it makes me feel like a real runner!

And that barely scratches the surface! I thought that spending Valentine’s Day single would be depressing, but honestly I could care less. I am so in love with my life right now that I could not hope for anything else. When the right time comes it will happen, and I have zero desire to rush that time. I am just so so so happy!


Wet T-Shirts and Astro-Glide

Now that the rooms and I are OFFICIALLY in half marathon training mode, we went out for a nice little 4 mile run today. After a couple of weeks of mainly focusing on group fitness classes it was nice to stretch out my legs and do what I love most.

It started raining half way through our run. I suggested cutting it short and finishing at the gym, but my BA roommate insisted that we stick with our original plan. It was fun to run in the rain! I was happy that we kept running outside, I was happier that I wasn’t wearing a white shirt!

This is an old picture, but I looked the same today.

We ran a 5K loop, then a nice little “dessert run” along the river. My legs felt heavy and less than optimal. I’m not too worried though because I think it can be attributed to a long shift at work and a tough workout the day before.

We’re doing hills tomorrow. That’ll teach my legs to keep quiet and behave.

I did run into another tiny difficulty. I thought that with such a small run planned I would be fine to wear my shorty shorts. WRONG. So wrong. Totally wrong. I had some major chaffing going on. Then I said that I needed Astro-Glide. F.Y.I. Astro-glide is not anti chaffing cream (Oops).

Sometimes my life is so glamorous.

Buns of…OUCH!

My thoughts are a little all over the place tonight. Bear with me.

I am five days into my running streak. That is 20% complete.

Monday I ran hills. Tuesday I did speedwork and crosstraining. Wednesday I squeezed in a quick mile. Yesterday I did a group fitness class. Today I couldn’t move.

The class that I took was called H.A.B.I.T. (Hips Abs Buns and Incredible Thighs). My buns got a killer workout. I don’t think they have ever been achy (this includes post-marathon). It hurts to bend over. It hurts to stand up. I hurt so good! I can’t wait to take another class.

Despite my inability to move, today I did some light cross training to keep moving, and lots of stretching. I also chugged water, and ate lots of green stuff.

The rooms made us a super cute dry erase board to write down our workout plans for the week.

Bodypump today did not happen. We could hardly lift food into our mouths. You expect us to lift weights? Yeah right!

I bought new running shoes today.

Tinkerbell modeling them

Yes, she still has on her Christmas collar. We haven’t gotten around to switching it yet. Jeez people can be so judgemental.

I think they’re really nice, and can’t wait to break them in.

I’m not really looking forward to classes starting back. I love school, but I’ve just been feeling pretty burnt out lately. I’m ready to move back home and reconnect with my family.

Things are looking excitingly promising on the job search front, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Maybe My Uterus is Going to Fall Out

In recent history women were not allowed to participate in marathons due to a belief that the physical strain on their bodies was so hard it would cause their uteruses (uteri???) to fall out.

Although I do believe my fertility remains intact, I feel pretty crappy. Everything hurts. Every muscle in my legs feels like it has been ripped apart. My shoulders/ neck are sore from my soccer mom walk. And I have blisters in locations one would not even imagine.

Currently my diet consists of various forms of painkillers and caffeine (nothing is appetizing). I have yet to wash my hair. And I look like a delusional dehydrated serial killer with a camel-toe in all of my race day photos.

Thank goodness it’s fall break. I’m curling up in a ball and trying not to think about all of the things I should be doing.