So It Begins

Today was the OFFICIAL first day of training for my fall marathon. It’s sixteen weeks (112 days) until go-time. September feels like it’s a long ways away, but in reality I only have fifteen long runs to get prepared.

I’m actually feeling pretty confident. I’ve been playing with the training runs and cross-training workouts the past couple of weeks, and while they are no doubt challenging, I think that I will be able to complete them (fingers crossed).


Running Another Marathon- No Joke!

My last blog post (three weeks ago if anyone is counting) was about recuperating after a stressful finals period. Now that I have had some down time it’s official, I’m bored. Sure there is plenty of crap that I could/ should be doing- writing my thesis for example. However, with large blocks of unstructured time, I feel like I am floundering; ticking off my summer days without accomplishing anything significant. I’ve been whining for a break and now that I have one I’m unhappy. Typical.

Point being, I have too much free time right now, and because I am a psychopath I need to find something to fill it up- immediately. I’ve been trying to come up with what I would like to accomplish this summer more than anything else in the whole entire world (soul searching if you will), and one thought keeps nagging at me.

I want to run another marathon.

I know what you are thinking, “Layne, you were supposed to run a marathon a month ago, but couldn’t get your act together.” You would be correct, but IT’S THE SUMMER TIME. I have so much more freedom. I am confident that I can make it work because two summers ago I was able to successfully prepare for a fall marathon. I KNOW that I can train for another one, as long as I have the motivation to WANT to do it, and right now I really really really want to train for one.

After spending hours perusing race websites (told you I have too much free time), I came across the PERFECT fall race, The Asheville Citizens Times City Race. It is spitting distance away from my hometown, and if I know Asheville the race will be beautiful and a blast. The race is the last weekend in September, meaning I will have to do minimal training once the school year gets back into swing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 5.44.45 PM

Everything just feels right. I feel like running this race is the perfect decision for me. With 125 days until the gun goes off, it is time to get to work!

Asheville Marathon(Pictures hijacked from the event website) 🙂

April 15th 2013

Like many of you, the tragedy at Boston has been imbedded in my thoughts constantly. I learned about what had happened on twitter within minutes of the occurrence. I felt numb as I repeatedly pressed refresh until I was able to turn on the news at home.

The emotions that I have been experiencing are powerful. This hits so close to home. It feels personal. Less than two weeks ago I was approaching a finish line and my favorite people in the whole world were there waiting for me. I feel like the attack on the Boston Marathon was an attack on me and those who I love.

I know the gamut of emotions that surge through your body and mind as you approach the finish line. Elation, exhaustion, relief, pride. The bombs did not only harm the people present. They damaged the symbolism of the finish line. I know in the future when I approach the end of other races, I will never feel the same. I will never be able to participate in a race without reflecting on April 15th.

I know many of you feel the same way. Runners understand each other. We are shocked, angry, fearful, disgusted. We began supporting each other immediately after the explosions happened, and I know our camaraderie will continue in the coming weeks and months.

“If you’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathon runners are the wrong group to target.” David & Kelvin Bright

Knoxville Half Marathon

Knox Half Collage2


I was pretty nervous going into my second half marathon this Sunday. Compared to the MONTHS of training I put into my marathon, I did absolutely nothing to prepare for Knoxville. I couldn’t even remember the last time I did a double digit run, and I wasn’t sure how my legs would handle some monstrous hills.

It was challenging. But in a really good way. I loved the feeling of pushing through fatigue and overcoming a challenging course. I know that my finishing time and my mile splits are not impressive. But they look a lot prettier than what I was expecting.

Knox Half Collage


My fitness has absolutely improved since I ran Chicago. I can’t help but wonder what my body is capable of if I am more diligent with my training. I’m excited to find out!

Thanks Mrs. Obama

Michelle Obama visited my school today! I am actually a huge fan of the first lady. She has done some great things in an effort to tackle childhood obesity (a topic I am passionate about), and is an awesome role model. Unfortunately, when I tried to get a ticket to see her speak there was a line that wrapped around the building. No offense to the first lady, but I did not have an hour to spend waiting in line (I had an exam to cram for and take). I have a sneaky suspicion that she wasn’t coming to talk about childhood obesity anyways.

Although I did not get to see her, she still positively impacted my day. My morning class was cancelled! I thoroughly enjoyed a nice leisurely morning. I drank a cup of coffee (or two) on my porch, and took in the fall weather. I decided that it was too perfect not to go for a run outside.

My shirt was longer than my shorts, and I did not match at all. I felt like I looked really foolish, but then I thought to myself, “Who the heck cares???”

I took Tinkerbell out for three easy miles, and we have both been in a great mood all day long!


Wonderful Weekend

When searching for the perfect adjective to describe this weekend, all that I could come up with was “decadent”. For the first time in I don’t know how long I had 2.5 days of zero obligations: no work, no school, no appointments. Just sixty hours of freedom.

I got caught up on sleep, lounged around with my favorite pooch, actually cleaned out my car and room, went to two group fitness classes and spent a ton of time on the phone with my BFF (who is now a million miles away). It was nice to be lazy, and get some things done that I’ve been putting off. But I’m actually excited for Monday! Isn’t that silly? I can get a little whiney about being too busy, but all that it took was one weekend for me to snap out of that funk.

I have my first grad school exam tomorrow. I am feeling uncharacteristically relaxed about it. I’ve been to every class, I’ve actively participated, and I have reviewed the study guide. I ought to be able to rock this thing (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself).

I spent a little time “race shopping” this weekend. I haven’t run in a race since the beginning of April and I am starting to get that itch. Now that I have my weekends off it should not be a problem finding time to train. I would really enjoy a Halloween event where people dress up, but I feel like I would need a running buddy to do it with me (and my number one sidekick is unavailable). I’ll keep ya posted.