Training Plan

I am so super pumped about my upcoming marathon! SUPER! PUMPED! Eeeeeeeek!!!! I’ve already started talking about it to anyone who will lend me an ear and my training has not even officially started yet.

I’m going to be using a plan from Run Less Run Faster. What I like the most about this plan is that it gives me very specific goals for each workout. I know exactly what pace I am going to be aiming for on every run. Training for my first marathon I racked up miles, but was not focused on speed or intensity. I think this training approach is going to help me be more focused on training and make improvements.

Photo on 1-4-13 at 3.07 AM #5The program involves three runs a week (track, tempo, long-run) and at least two non-weight bearing cross-training sessions as well as regular flexibility and resistance training. There is no way that I am going to be able to avoid weight bearing exercise as cross training because I teach (and LOVE teaching) group fitness classes. Luckily, my teaching load is much lighter in the summer. We will just kind of have to see how it goes… I’ve already got everything all typed up ready to go!

Marathon Plan



January Goals

I said in my New Year’s post that rather than making a list of resolutions I was going to make short-term mini goals every month… then my google reader (understandably) exploded with blog post about goals, and I didn’t want to bore y’all with another list.

But now it’s January fifth and I still haven’t written anything and that makes for a crappy start to 2013. Now that I’ve written that completely unnecessary introduction, here is what I plan to do this month: Photo on 1-4-13 at 3.07 AM #5

  • Read every single word of this book: Run Less Run Faster. I’ve pretty much hit the meat and potatoes of it, and I plan to use the training plan from it to train for the Knoxville Marathon.
  • Create an Excel Spreadsheet to track my workouts.
  • Actually use the aforementioned spread sheet.
  • Get my rear in gear and start this training cycle so that I don’t have to be carried off the course on a stretcher (talk about embarrassing).
  • Write two blog posts a week.
  • Give my blog a makeover (I can actually already check this one off- check it out. Cute, right?)

I’m actually really really reallllllly into all these goals. Can’t wait to talk about them again on February first!