Football & Family

My weekend was so busy that I have spent the better part of the day trying to recover and not being productive. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why don’t you get your act together and do some work then Lazy Layne?” And to that I would reply, “Thank you for your concern, but writing a blog post actually is my to-do list, so I don’t feel guilty about taking a few moments to share all of the fun I had. Thanks.”

My family came to visit me, which meant I spent the better part of the day on Friday in a cleaning frenzy. I swept, vacuumed, windexed. It was intense.

Then they arrived, and immediately whisked me away for a delicious dinner (don’t you love that about parents) and margaritas. My siblings stayed at my house, so we were up pretty late Friday night chatting. They stayed up way later than me- you know I have grandma tendencies.

Saturday we had a cookout and several of the people in my program came over for the pre-football festivities. I was thrilled to prove to my mother that I do in fact have friends (maybe that’s a joke, but maybe not). My kitchen is still stocked with party food (stuff I won’t eat), and enough alcohol to last a month.

We walked to the game. The stadium is about a mile from my house, so it wasn’t bad at all. Walking was much easier than dealing with the hassle of parking, and manipulating crowds.

Here we are at the game!

I have not made it to a football game since the season before last, so I was pumped! Maybe this is lame, but my favorite part is when the band plays the fight song at the very beginning, and the team runs out. It’s so exciting!

Unfortunately, in the second quarter the stadium had to be evacuated due to severe thunderstorms.

Once we were confident that we were not going to be hit by lightning we went home. Call us fair weather fans if you must, but we were drenched, cold, hungry, and tired.

They took off this morning. Something about my sister being a dancing superstar… usually I get upset when our visits end, but I am actually headed home for fall break next week, so I’m doing a pretty good job of holding it together emotionally.


Wet T-Shirts and Astro-Glide

Now that the rooms and I are OFFICIALLY in half marathon training mode, we went out for a nice little 4 mile run today. After a couple of weeks of mainly focusing on group fitness classes it was nice to stretch out my legs and do what I love most.

It started raining half way through our run. I suggested cutting it short and finishing at the gym, but my BA roommate insisted that we stick with our original plan. It was fun to run in the rain! I was happy that we kept running outside, I was happier that I wasn’t wearing a white shirt!

This is an old picture, but I looked the same today.

We ran a 5K loop, then a nice little “dessert run” along the river. My legs felt heavy and less than optimal. I’m not too worried though because I think it can be attributed to a long shift at work and a tough workout the day before.

We’re doing hills tomorrow. That’ll teach my legs to keep quiet and behave.

I did run into another tiny difficulty. I thought that with such a small run planned I would be fine to wear my shorty shorts. WRONG. So wrong. Totally wrong. I had some major chaffing going on. Then I said that I needed Astro-Glide. F.Y.I. Astro-glide is not anti chaffing cream (Oops).

Sometimes my life is so glamorous.