Present in the Mail

Things have been interesting lately for sure.

Simple tasks have turned into catastrophes. Getting things accomplished has been a struggle. Take today for example:

  1. I overslept. My alarm clock was beeping, but I was not waking up. I finally realized how late it was when my dog put her cold nose in my eyeball (definitely my favorite way to wake up). Luckily, I got it together and made it to class right on time.
  2. I awoke to a face full of pimples.
  3. I had an hour break in between classes, so I thought I would treat myself to a coffee. Got up to pay for it… No debit card. No cash. Plenty of embarrassment.
  4. I received an e-mail saying that I owed another almost $300 for tuition. GRRREAT!
  5. So I rush over to campus to pay it before they close for the day, park in the wrong spot and end up owing them another $15.00 for a parking ticket.
  6. My yoga class that I had been anticipating with excitement for days was cancelled.
  7. I went out for Mexican and the waiter was not nice. He was rude, and kind of hurt my feelings.

Luckily I had a bomb workout today and ended up in an endorphin induced haze of good feelings (the best kind), and got a very exciting package in the mail!

NEW SPORTS BRASSSSSS! I only had to buy one textbook this semester, and I’m taking two workout related classes, so I decided that I NEEDED some new athletic apparel. I mean they’re school supplies RIGHT?!?!