Thoughts on the Upcoming Year

I’m having a hard time getting into the New Year’s spirit this year. Every time I’ve tried to write a post about the upcoming year I feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unmotivated. Normally I’m a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but right now I just feel grumpy.

I think part of my issue is that 2012 was such a great year for me that I am sad to see it go. Also, I know that 2013 is going to be busy and filled with stress. This time next year I will have submitted PhD applications and I will be anxiously awaiting replies. I will have more responsibility with my research project, I will have proposed my thesis, and be preparing to defend it. In many ways, my career is dependent on my performance in this upcoming year.

In order to avoid sending myself into a panic, rather than making a huge list of resolutions for the entire year. I just want to take things month by month. I’ll make a list of mini goals every month and evaluate them as the year goes on- no pressure.

And now that I’ve written this post, I’ve actually come up with a resolution: Take care of myself. I don’t handle stress as well as I would like. I know that I am a much happier, friendlier, and productive person when I allow myself to relax and not get worked up and upset. I need to keep things in perspective, decide what is most important to me, and not ruminate over whether or not I’ve made the correct decisions.

I know that’s not a S.M.A.R.T. goal at all, but it’s what is in my heart right now. I don’t want for the things that I am passionate about to become stressful burdens; if I don’t put my own well-being first, then I know that is where I’m headed.

Good-Bye 2012! You were great.

Hello 2013! I’m as ready as I will ever be, so you can Bring. It. On.

This picture isn't really from last night, but I am holding a drink, so PRETEND!

This picture isn’t really from last night, but I am holding a drink, so PRETEND!


My New Year

Happppppppppy Newwwwwww Yeeeeeear!

Yes it is the middle of the night on the biggest drinking holiday, no I am not blogging under the influence. I actually JUST got home from WORKING all night and have not had a drop of alcohol.

It’s lame I know, but things get even better. I was actually holding cleaner in my hand when the clock struck 12:00.

The whole ordeal was actually very “Cinderella-esque”, which can only lead me to one conclusion… 2012 must be the year I meet my Prince Charming!

So if you know any eligible bachelors in my area send them my way!

(Must love running, insane yellow labs, and vegetables. Must have the patience of a saint, plenty of cash-money, a cute butt and an excellent smile.)

The fine print is very important!

New Years Resolutions

I love New Years. It may be my favorite holiday. The idea of having a fresh start, and the opportunity to make a commitment to improve yourself is so refreshing.

In the past I have always made one resolution. One year it was to go vegetarian and that was a major success. Last year I resolved to run 1,000 miles and that was a big fat fail. Except it wasn’t really a fail, I became a runner. My overall major goal this year is to become a BETTER runner.  I am taking a different approach and making a whole list of goals!


  • Run 6 races (that is double the amount that I did last year)
  • Run an entire half marathon without any walk breaks
  • Complete a marathon in 5:22:30 or faster (beat my last time by 1 hour)
  • Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes
  • Run a mile in less than 9 minutes
  • Complete a 25 day running streak
  • Meet my goal weight and stay there
  • Buy a group fitness class pass and use it
  • Try a hot yoga class
  • Try a Pilates class
  • Try a spin class
  • Swim 450 yards in 10 min. (This is the time requirement for NAUI Dive Master certification)
  • Use a system to track my workouts
  • Complete a half marathon with my roommate
  • Donate a medal to Medals for Mettle
  • Add 10 more reviews to my Book Worm section
  • Try out and post 12 new recipes

Oh and two little non-running resolutions

  • Find a grown up job

I definitely have a lot of work to do. I am so excited for a new year!