Dreaming of Warmer Places

Today I was scheduled to do some hill repeats. The benefits of hills include

  • Increased speed
  • Stronger Legs

I really did not want to run. Did you look outside? It was gray. And misty. And GROSS. All I wanted to do was snuggle with my dog and drink hot chocolate. But after a few hours of procrastination I finally forced myself out the door.

My legs felt fresh, and I tackled my workout without a problem. (Except for the cold.) It was FREEZING. I fogged up the windows in my car. It was practically a scene from Titanic except minus the hottie and life altering romance.

The entire time that I was in the cold I was dreaming about running some place beautiful and warm.

Speaking of beautiful places…

Gorgeous right? It’s a marathon/ half marathon in Newport, Rhode Island. A stone’s throw away from my roommates home town. I am DYING to run it this fall. I have been absolutely fantasizing about it.