The Grace to Race

This is the memoir of Sister Madonna Buder, a Catholic nun, and champion triathlete. She tells the story of how she became both. What I really loved about this book is how she breaks the stereotype of what I think of when I think of a nun. Not only is she involved in these races, she actually competes and has won many age group awards. She is not afraid to get sassy in the heat of competition and I found her feisty attitude  both humorous and personable.

I was surprised that I actually found the beginning of the book, where she talks about making the decision to become a nun more interesting than towards the end where she chronicles her races. Sister Madonna has traveled the world to compete in hundreds of races, and I think that it would have been an easier read if she had not tried to include so many of them.

This is a quick read. I found it very inspiring. If an 80 plus year old can achieve these accomplishments, then there is really no excuse for us young whipper-snappers.