Finding Their Stride

I was hesitant to pick up this book. It is about a high school cross country team, and because I did not start running until I was in college (and not part of a team) I was not sure of how relateable it would be to me.

I loved it. It was written by the coach of the team, and the way she describes each event is beautiful. You can tell that she loves each of her students, and is very dedicated to her team.



“You run with your legs and arms; you run with your heart. But you win with your entire self.”

“Bodies are miraculous. Like bodies of water, they flood, recede, but do not lose their integrity.”

“That tiredness, though, is satisfying: it is the result of desire, of strength. of pushing the body further than it knows it can go, and of saying to pain, churlishly, “I’m watching you.”

“Do we have too many or too few seconds? Have we used our seconds wisely? Will seconds logically lead to firsts? My mind is a chaos of questions, but my stopwatch can’t answer them accurately until the district race is over.”

“Second is not always lesser than first, nor first greater than second. Numbers seldom fall in an orderly pattern.”

“The body, sometimes, makes its own choices, regardless of the dictates of the mind. It’s needs are just as profound as those of the mind, and its poetry is just as stirring.”

“To win, really, is to surpass, not others, but ourselves.”

“The point is to be better than you thought you could be.”