My Christmas


When I was little, my siblings and I would open our presents from Santa at unreasonably early times. I’m talking like four in the morning. Basically, my parents were not able to sleep at all. Nowadays, my mom has implemented a new rule… No opening presents before six. This means that I was ready to rise and shine at five thirty, but waited until six to wake up the rest of the house. Yes, I was up first. I was EXCITED!
I had given my mom a wish list with about ten things that I wanted, but there was one item that I was especially hoping to find under the tree. I have been wanting a Garmin gps watch since I trained for the Chicago marathon, but could not justify purchasing one for myself. I marked it with five stars, so that she knew how serious I was about this. (FREAKING SERIOUS!)
And what do you know… BOOM! Adorable pink Garmin.

My first run with my new accessory was okay. My expectations were low considering my diet has recently consisted of too much sugar and alcohol, and not enough protein or vegetables. But what are you gunna do?


And since obviously I had no intentions of reversing this pattern, I followed up my run with some delicious recovery eggnog (the Christmas version of a protein shake-CLEARLY).




I feel like I had the LAZIEST weekend every. I ate a lot. I slept a lot. I watched an entire season of Gossip Girl!

I also finished up (okay and started) my Christmas shopping! I’m pretty excited about all of the gifts that I have for my family, and I am even more excited to see them THIS WEEK!

While I was watching hours of television I transferred my favorite posts from the old blog to the new one. I feel bad for my one subscriber because I’m sure she received about fifteen e-mails from me yesterday (SORRY). There is probably a more efficient way to transfer content, but I used the good ole copy and paste method.

After a weekend of being deliciously lazy I have a massive to do list to take care of today!