I regret reading this book so shortly after reading The Long Run because the plot lines are very similar and I found myself constantly comparing the two, which is not fair. Each book is great and deserves to stand on it’s own.

Shortly after graduating from high school Brian Boyle is in a car accident with a dump truck. He hovers on the precipice of death for months in a chemically induced coma and undergoes multiple surgeries. Basically every organ in his body suffered some type of damage in the accident.

When Brian wakes up he has to relearn how to do everything, and put all of his goals on hold. Through perseverance and family support he goes on to achieve his dreams of being a collegiate swimmer, and an Ironman triathlete.

What I think makes this book special is that Boyle was still a teenager when he was dealing with these overwhelming obstacles.  The maturity and determination showed by this young man to hang on to his dreams despite a setback is incredible. I would recommend this book to anyone.