Happy Halloween!

No, I’m not doing anything cool tonight. I’m a graduate student. The first draft of the first two chapters of my thesis is due in twelve days. I need to be WRITING- not partying. I might be a little stressed out. I’m not alone though. One of my professors asked the class today if everyone was excited about halloween tonight, and everyone laughed, or rolled their eyes. Misery loves company.

I gave all of my students lectures about staying safe, and making good choices. They probably think I’m a total stick in the mud. It feels good to be mature.

I did get to dress up for a group fitness class that I taught today. I wore a tutu and a sparkle headband. I’m sure I get points for creativity (not). It was fun though.



GroupFit Galore

It’s not even ten o’ clock on a Friday night, and I am in bed wearing my pajamas (I have no desire to be anywhere else). Call me a grandma, but I am exhausted (in a fabulous way!) My windows are open, my fall scented candles are burning, and my furry friends are snuggled up with me- BLISS.

I woke up a little early this morning to briefly practice my group fitness class before I had to teach this afternoon. It only took about twenty minutes before I started POURING with sweat. Then I had an instructors meeting with everyone who teaches LPAF, and guess what we went over today…MORE GROUP FITNESS, but hey I am not complaining- It was great.

Later that afternoon I taught my HABIT class, and this time it went muccccchhhhh better. It was a very small class, but I know that those girls got a good workout, and I’m pretty certain that they had a good time.

I stuck around to participate in another class, Les Mills Sh’Bam. It is a recent addition to the classes offered at my school, and today was the first opportunity that I had to try it. I had a freaking ball! Dance type classes are not usually my favorite because they are mainly cardio and I feel like I get plenty of that when I run. I want the classes that I take to be a different type of workout. Although Sh’Bam was intense cardio I felt “the burn” a few times during the workout. At one point the instructor (who is my boss) pulled me up front. It was super unexpected, but of course I always love attention, so I was happy to oblige.

After multiple workouts, I am certain that I will be feeling it tomorrow, but it was worth it.

You Can Call Me “Instructor Layne”!!!

I’ve mentioned before how much I loooooooove group fitness, and how I was anticipating teaching some classes this year. Late last week, my boss e-mailed out the groupfit schedule, and guess whose name was on it… MINE. I almost peed my pants!

That’s me!!!!!

I choreographed my class last weekend, and that was a little overwhelming. Who knew that fifty minutes could feel so long? I practiced in the exercise studio at the rec center. When I started, there were four other people in the studio. Ten minutes later they had all cleared out… maybe because I kept playing the same cheesey song over and over. But I prefer to think that they were intimidated by my killer moves.

I had an instructor choice day with my Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness class on Tuesday, so I practiced my groupfitness class on them. It went GREAT! They had a BALL! I had a blast too. They got super into the class, and gave me lots of positive feedback. I left class feeling confident about my skills as an instructor.

Yesterday, I taught my first class to a groupfitness saavy audience. I ended up feeling a little bummed. I think that my moves were too simple and repetitive. I know that they got a good workout, but I think that they were bored. Also I was suuuuuuper nervous and I am sure that they could sense it. I guess that part of the reason why I feel so disappointed is that I know I have the potential to do so much better (I felt like I had done a good job just the day before). I know that I will continue to learn, and improve, and tweak my classes. I just hope that people weren’t so turned off by my first class that they decide to never come back… :/

Here is my outfit! And obviously I need to get after my mirror with some heavy duty windex!

On a more positive note, I team taught an aquafitness class this evening, and I felt like it went great. The girl I taught with lead the first half of the class, and I lead the second half. This was nice because I was able to be up front withouth the pressure of teaching. When it was my turn to teach it wasn’t such a big deal. The customers seemed to really enjoy my workout, and they all told me afterwards that I did a great job. I really appreciated their compliments because I went into the class feeling pretty down on myself.

There were some highs and some lows, but that’s how it is with learning. I’m excited to make some adjustments and teach again.

Who is going to kick your butt?

Last semester I took a class for school titled “Group Fitness Activities”. The class was designed for people who are going to be working in the health/ fitness industry in a variety of ways to have an initial exposure to group fitness classes. My instructor is also the head of the group fitness program at my school. Meet Sam…

Is it just me, or is he a little bit scary?

I fell in love, no not with the shirtless man covered in abs! I fell head over heels butt-crazy in love with group fitness. I could not get enough of it. I went to an additional four (plus or minus one) classes every week for the entirety of the semester. Sometimes I even went to multiple classes in one night!

I had myself added to an e-mail list of people interested in becoming group fitness instructors, and my instructor was very encouraging. I have a meeting with them in two weeks and I am terrified!

You might be wondering why I am being such a chicken. My response to that question is, “Ummm hello do you know me? I over-think EVERYTHING!!!” But also, I have been a lazy slob all summer long. Sure, I’ve gone on some nice leisurely runs. But I haven’t been pushing myself in the same way that I was in those high intensity classes. I certainly haven’t held a plank for any considerable amount of time.

This morning, as I laid in bed hitting snooze on my alarm (like I always do), I did something a little out of character. I was actually kind of stern with myself. Normally I am all about positive self talk, and being encouraging rather than punishing, but this morning I sat up, took a deep breath and said, “Layne, are you going to kick your own butt this morning, or are you going to let Sam do it for you?” I got myself out of bed, into some spandex, and hit the football stadium!

Hey it’s a start! I’m feeling a little bit proud, or maybe that’s just the endorphins.

My Muscles Have No Idea What The F Is Going On

Allow me to introduce this bad boy… the eight inch step platform!

Yeah it looks like no big thing, but trust me this guy is rough. We have recently become acquainted, and he makes me hurt so good.

Lately I have been OBSESSED with group fitness classes. I have been to like three or four in the past week. They (I’m not to sure who “they” are) say that muscle confusion is the key to improvement. My muscles have no idea what the F is going on, and I have lost three and a half pounds.

What I love about the group fitness is that it pushes me to work body parts (oh I have arms???) that I would never have the motivation/ discipline to work on my own.

In other waaaaaaay cooler news…

The roomsie and I registered for a half marathon tonight! We’re pretty excited!

Day one of training starts tomorrow.



Buns of…OUCH!

My thoughts are a little all over the place tonight. Bear with me.

I am five days into my running streak. That is 20% complete.

Monday I ran hills. Tuesday I did speedwork and crosstraining. Wednesday I squeezed in a quick mile. Yesterday I did a group fitness class. Today I couldn’t move.

The class that I took was called H.A.B.I.T. (Hips Abs Buns and Incredible Thighs). My buns got a killer workout. I don’t think they have ever been achy (this includes post-marathon). It hurts to bend over. It hurts to stand up. I hurt so good! I can’t wait to take another class.

Despite my inability to move, today I did some light cross training to keep moving, and lots of stretching. I also chugged water, and ate lots of green stuff.

The rooms made us a super cute dry erase board to write down our workout plans for the week.

Bodypump today did not happen. We could hardly lift food into our mouths. You expect us to lift weights? Yeah right!

I bought new running shoes today.

Tinkerbell modeling them

Yes, she still has on her Christmas collar. We haven’t gotten around to switching it yet. Jeez people can be so judgemental.

I think they’re really nice, and can’t wait to break them in.

I’m not really looking forward to classes starting back. I love school, but I’ve just been feeling pretty burnt out lately. I’m ready to move back home and reconnect with my family.

Things are looking excitingly promising on the job search front, so keep your fingers crossed for me!