Night Before Knoxville Half

Four months ago I registered for the Knoxville Marathon. Since then I have completed minimal training, and have not even mentioned it on the blog. Up until even last week I was considering not showing up.

I’m not really certain what clicked and made me want to race, but here I am in Tennessee. I decided that rather than torture myself attempting to make it through 26.2 miles, I would just do the half-marathon. I do not have high expectations. I plan on walking some, and running when I feel like it. I have no idea how I am going to handle the hills on the course.

This will be my first long (ish) race in a long long loooooong time. And I am actually pretty freaking excited. I know that I should have done more to prepare, but I feel like between the group fitness classes I teach and the casual fun-runs I have done recently, 13.1 miles should not be a problem. If my 5K times are any indication, I am actually in better shape than I was before Chicago.

My packet has been picked up, my clothes are laid out, my hair is braided. I think I’m ready.



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