An Evaluation of 2012 Resolutions

I made a ton of resolutions last December!

  • Run 6 races (that is double the amount that I did last year)-Check
  • Run an entire half marathon without any walk breaks- Negative, I only did one half marathon, and it was with my BFF/ Roomsizzle Kim.
  • Complete a marathon in 5:22:30 or faster (beat my last time by 1 hour)- Did not even attempt another marathon, but I am registered to do one this spring. I hope to accomplish this one in 2013.
  • Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes- Sadly, this is another flop. But I did set a new 5K PR! Run a mile in less than 9 minutes- Did not even attempt it.
  • Complete a 25 day running streak- Running streaks aren’t really my thing.
  • Meet my goal weight and stay there- Y’all know how excited I am to say that I managed to achieve this one.
  • Buy a group fitness class pass and use it- I went a little overboard on the GroupFit. Now I’m actually an INSTRUCTOR!!!
  • Try a hot yoga class- Tried it and loved it.
  • Try a Pilates and spin class- There is not a reason why I can’t check this one off, but I can’t. I just never got around to trying these classes.
  • Swim 450 yards in 10 min. (This is the time requirement for NAUI Dive Master certification)-I think I swam like five times this whole year, so it’s a big NO.
  • Use a system to track my workouts- Nope.
  • Complete a half marathon with my roommate- She was pissy and miserable the entire time, but we finished (barely).
  • Donate a medal to Medals for Mettle- Not yet.
  • Add 10 more reviews to my Book Worm section- Yep
  • Try out and post 12 new recipes- I’m pretty sure I posted ZERO recipes and I think it’s to everyone’s advantage that my blog remains recipe free.
  • Find a grown up job- I decided to kick it in school a little longer, but I am teaching college classes, so we’re going to count that as a yes.

Some of my goals I crushed. Some of them I failed miserably. The next question becomes, “Was 2012 a successful year?”. My answer would be, “ABSO-freaking-LUTELY!”. The goals that I did not meet don’t even bother me, because they were not that important. I became interested in other things. Failure Schmailure. A lot of super cool stuff went down in 2012. Would I change any of the experiences that I did have in order to say that I posted x number of crappy recipes to my blog? Hmmmmmmm NO. I’m proud of what I did achieve, and I am able to go into 2013 with a clearer vision of who I am, and what I want out of life.


2 thoughts on “An Evaluation of 2012 Resolutions

  1. For my first marathon, I used a training plan from . This time around I’m using one of the plans from the book Run Less Run Faster. It gives specific paces for speed work, tempos, and long runs and I think I am going to like it.

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