Looking Back on 2012

hot yoga

January: I started regularly attending group fitness classes, and tried hot yoga for the first time.


February: I ran two 5Ks. One was FANTASTIC; one sucked.


March: I decided to apply to Grad school and started studying for the GRE.

April: I took said GRE and kicked it’s butt!

graduationMay: I graduated from college!!!


June: I went to my sister’s dance competition in Charleston and while at the beach I found out that I had been accepted to Grad School.

July: I was hired to teach undergraduate classes, and group fitness classes. I moved out of the apartment that I’ve called home for the past two years, and I said good bye to my best friend when she moved ten hours away.

family portrait

August: I started teaching and met a ton of incredible new people.

calicoSeptember: I rescued this precious kitty, which started a war with my roommate.

sams5kOctober: I set a new PR in my sorority’s 5k.

IMG_1345[1]November: I celebrated my birthday, reached my goal weight, and participated in a Turkey Trot with my sister.

ready set run

December: I helped these adorable kiddos complete their first 5k.

This year has involved a lot of adjustments. I’m living in the same town, but I feel like everything else has changed. I miss my best friend, and my sorority, but I love my new jobs, classes, and friends.


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