Thanksgiving & Turkey Trot Recap

I intended to drive home Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving, but Tuesday night I decided that I could not bare to wait the extra nine hours. I threw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase, grabbed my dog and took off. I know that it’s irresponsible, or dangerous, or whatever to drive through the night. Call me young and reckless.

Wednesday basically consisted of Thanksgiving preparations, and spending as much time as possible glued to my mother’s side. After living with someone who hates me (seriously, I’m not being dramatic. She’s miserable.) it was especially comforting to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate me.

Thursday morning my sister and I ran in our first ever Turkey Trot. She was surprisingly pleasant about the whole experience (you know how teenagers can be). She even agreed to wear matching colors, woke up that morning on her own, and ran the whole race with me. She is on her middle school cross country team and is much speedier than me, so it was sweet of her to stick with her slowpoke old lady sister. We started in the back of the pack- it’s more fun to pass people than to be passed (my advice).

We did get to pass a lot of people, but we were also stuck weaving around them for the first half mile or so, but then the crowds thinned out and it was a pretty fun run. I use the word fun kind of loosely. I did enjoy the atmosphere and spending time with my sister, but the hills on the course were a little more challenging than I am used to. It may have been just the rude awakening I needed to make me prepare seriously for the hills that will be on the Knoxville marathon course. We ended up finishing in 31:55. Between the crowds and the hills I’m okay with that time. The experience was more about being together and active on a gluttonous holiday than breaking records.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking with my momsy, and then the entire evening trying to not share this little cutie…

She even spit up on me, but I don’t care. I think it was a bonding moment. Over all, yesterday was a great day, and we all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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