New Month! New Goals!

Holy November!

I feel like the days just get away from me. Grad school is kicking my butt. I’m doing well in all of my classes, but I am having to work REALLY REALLY hard, spend every weekend in the library hard. I feel like I never have enough time get everything accomplished.  I’m pumped about this month. I have several humongous assignments due, but once they are completed and turned in I will feel so much better.

Anyways, It may be a few days late, but lets check in with the goal setting and see how things panned out.

  • Run more often! Twice a week. Ummmm, I did run some, but not as much I would have liked. See above paragraph about how I have been struggling to manage my time.
  • Pack lunch or snacks every single day. This is probably my most important goal. There may have been a couple of days where I forgot to bring food, but overall I am going to call this one a success. I’ve been prepping my lunches every weekend and then all I have to do is grab it in the morning.

  • Eat breakfast– I did a much better job with eating breakfast at the beginning of the month, but this last week was a huge fail. I don’t think I ate it once. I suck. I know.
  • Actually run in some stinking races- I ran in ONE race, and it left me feeling pretty successful, and excited to do some more.
  • Make an appointment with my boss, so that he can give me feedback on the fitness classes I am teaching. Hahaha nope.
  • Do my homework well in advance. This means sooner than the night before it’s due, and definitely not while I’m on my lunch break the day of an assignment’s due date. Overall, I’m going to say that I have done a better job of finishing up my work ahead of time, but there is still room for improvement.
  • Register for another half marathon (or maybe even full marathon) in the upcoming months. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll….. This morning I actually registered for (drum roll please) THE KNOXVILLE MARATHON. I have been toying with the idea for a long time (like since the day after I ran the Chicago Marathon in October of 2011) and I am ALL ABOUT IT. I have twenty two weeks to get myself prepared. GAME ON!

November Goals

  • Finish up my mock-thesis and give a baller presentation.
  • Eat breakfast for crying out loud!
  • Continue with lunch packing. Limit going out to eat/ take-out to three times a week. Three times a week is still a lot, but considering I ate sushi pretty much everyday last week, I think I need to start small.
  • Run at least twice a week (That marathon is going to be here before I know it.)
  • Lose the last seven pounds (this would put me at my goal weight!!!!)
  • Get tested for body fat percentage-just out of curiosity.
  • Make an effort to spend more time with friends.

Overall, I’m going to say that October was a success and I am looking forward to all kinds of good stuff in November


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