Weekend of Gluttony

I have been on fall break since Friday at 2:00, and I have taken it upon myself to turn my hiatus from classes and work into a hiatus from all things health related. I’ve spent the last four days eating (mainly cheesy things, definitely not vegetables… unless you count fried green tomatoes), drinking (diet coke and a variety of alcoholic beverages not a drop of water), and sleeping.

I have no idea why I have gone off the gluttonous deep end, but I would be lying if I said that I hated it. I’m telling myself that I have just been taking this vacation thing a little too seriously and I will get back into my healthier routine once I get back to school tomorrow…Hopefully my pants still fit.

Speaking of pants, I bought some new ones. Burgundy skinny chords. They will be great to wear with my boots this fall/ winter. They were a surprisingly tiny size, and my mom says that they make my butt look cute.

Cute booty not pictured

Tonight I wore my boots for the first time since last winter. They were thrilled to be reunited with my feet.

My momsy broke out her boots too!

That was a nice tangent.

Point being, I have let myself go a little, but I refuse to beat myself up about it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my break and it was probably exactly what I needed in order to get back on the healthy living band wagon full force.


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