Thankful Thursday

Holy Thursday!

Did today sneak up on anyone else? Nope? Just me? Whatever. This week has been intense, and I am writing another last minute post, but I’m okay with that because it is always a good time to be thankful!

Mainly I’m thankful for this…

That to-do list is what we call to-done. I know there are  a COUPLE of things left, but it’s nothing stressful or critical. Productivity feels so good!

I taught a lot of group fitness classes this week (seven if you want an exact number) and while I am very sore, I know that each class was a learning experience and will ultimately help me to become a better instructor.

I’m thankful that I found these pictures on the ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness Facebook page!

Oh look! Here I am teaching group fitness classes, and wearing a microphone, and making funny faces. The fact that I am not mortified is reflective of my high self esteem.

I’m thankful for my self esteem.

I’m thankful that I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow to  create an outline for my thesis… Geeze I need to get to work on that!

I’m thankful for Chinese takeout.

I’m thankful for Michelob Ultra.

I’m thankful for balloon animals. I realized yesterday that someone who I know is a master balloonist. She made giraffes, weiner dogs, flowers, pirate swords, and bears. I was obviously impressed… Maybe I will add “Learn to make balloon animals to my list of goals”.

I’m thankful for this blog. It’s nice to have a tiny corner of the internet that I can call my own!


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