October Goals

Happy October!

I haven’t done the whole “Oh it’s a new month! Let’s set some goals and then see which ones I forget about.” thing in a while, but I’m feeling adventurous today. Let’s spice things up and make some freaking goals for the first time in a long time for crying out loud.

  • Run more often! I have been all about some groupfit lately, and that’s awesome! My workouts have been killer! But groupfit does not afford me the same mental rejuvenation that running does, and if there is one thing that I need more of in my life it is mental rejuvenation. Group fitness feels like another obligation- there are people counting on me. While, running is something I do by myself for myself. Oh what’s that you say? That is not a very S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Timely) goal… Well how about run twice a week? Does that work better for ya?
  • Pack lunch or snacks every single day. This is probably my most important goal. It’s even more important than running. I am the queen of not packing anything, ending up starving, and then dropping three bucks in the vending machine halfway through my night class because my growling stomach is a distraction to myself and those surrounding me. It’s a waste of calories, and money. I need to just start carrying healthy food with me at all times.
  • Eat breakfast- uggggghhhh I am an adult. I should know better by now. No. More. Skipping. Breakfast. Coffee does not count as a meal, no matter how much soy milk I put into it.
  • Actually run in some stinking races.
  • Make an appointment with my boss, so that he can give me feedback on the fitness classes I am teaching.
  • Do my homework well in advance. This means sooner than the night before it’s due, and definitely not while I’m on my lunch break the day of an assignment’s due date.
  • Register for another half marathon (or maybe even full marathon) in the upcoming months.

That’s all for now. They seem kind of lame. None of those goals is going to change the order of the universe, but they are all important to me, and hopefully will pave the way for some bigger more exciting goals.


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