Thankful Things Thursday

Well Thursday is almost over, but I haven’t done a Thankful Things Thursday post in way too long, so here is some last minute gratitude!

  • My family is coming to town this weekend! I am totally PUMPED! We are going to tailgate in my yard and walk to the football game. It is going to be a freaking BLAST. I foresee veggie burgers and Michelob Ultras in the near future!
  • Coupons are baller. I am not one of those crazy grocery store coupon ladies, but pretty much anytime I make a major purchase I use one. I have saved a lot of money recently by pulling up coupons on my phone in the store.
  • I thought I was getting sick yesterday, but I may have dodged it. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am sooooo thankful that I am feeling better than yesterday. Gah! I hope I continue feeling well.
  • I love things that smell good. I recently purchased some new candles and body wash and I am all about it. (I used the previously mentioned coupon.)
  • I am currently planning on running in some cool races in the upcoming weeks. I’m thankful for races. I’m thankful for having free weekends to run races. I’m thankful that I am capable of running races. I’m thankful for RUNNING!!!

Happy Weekend!


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