Sisters and Blisters

Well I have dashed off to spend a little time with my family again! This time it is “The Becky Show”. My baby sister competes in tap, jazz, and hip-hop, and this week is her nationals! I actually had not seen her dance since this time last year, so it was really fun to watch her today and see how much she has grown as a performer.

An Action Shot

It’s crazy to me how old she is! Fourteen! YIKES! She was only nine when I moved away for school and I still expect her to look like a baby! Now, she has too look down to speak to me because she is a solid three inches taller! (But I will stop reminiscing…)

I knew that I would be doing an awful lot of sitting at the competition today, so I wanted to make sure to squeeze in a run this morning. My expectations were low. I worked something like 56 hours last week (all on my feet), and I knew that my legs were still recovering. Although it has been said that, “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.” (or something to that effect) I beg to differ. My run this morning sucked hard core. You know that commercial where the guys are trying to swim in caramel?

Well it felt like I was trying to run through that gunk. I was un-caffeinated, under rested, and just not feeling it. But that’s not even the bad part. Somehow, I thought that I could run without socks today and be fine. WRONG!!! Sooooo wrong! I could not have been more wrong! I was brought to a screeching halt and ended up limping my way back to the hotel because it hurt too badly to run. For a moment I considered calling my mom and making her come pick me up… but I’m far too prideful for that sort of whiny business.

See where it turns red? That is where I started limping!

While, I did consider sharing a picture of my blisters (trust me I took one… or ten) I do not think that my sister would appreciate being featured in a post along with something so gory. I’ll spare ya this time.

Instead here is a picture of all of the supplies I purchased to treat said blisters!

Oh well! Lesson learned! I have more important things than running (like sister bonding) to do anyways!


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