Eventful Evening: Kim’s Version

Hey Guys!

My post describing the accident has gotten ALOT of views (mainly from Kim’s concerned family and friends).  So, since it really is Kim’s story I only thought it would be appropriate for you to hear from her.

Layne invited me to do a guest post on her blog from my perspective of the accident on Monday, which was definitely a whirlwind.  It all began when we left the gym. The door of the clubhouse shut instantly, leaving Layne and myself outside in basically a pen. We could not get our key fob, which instantly should open the gates to work. This situation led us to make a quick decision, or we would have been stuck outside the entire night. Layne decided she would go first and hop over the fence. The picture makes it looks as though Layne moved effortless across it, but fear filled my mind as she propped up against the light post and finally landed on the other side. I knew though that my fate would probably not go as well. I was worried not as limber, and definitely not as quick on my feet. As it became my turn to get over the fence, I was worried and scared not knowing if I could maneuver over the fence. I sucked up the courage and went for it. When I was on top of the gate I could not find sufficient placing’s for both of my feet. The next thing I remember I could see a rod underneath the skin of my leg, though I did not feel any pain from the entry I knew something was not right. I had placed my right leg on the ground, with my left leg stuck on the post of the gate. I think Layne and I both thought it was just my workout leggings stuck, but deep  down I knew it was worse than that. We instantly decided to get my leggings off. As  I tried to pull my leggings up, layne had ripped the material. The next thing I knew I was on the ground. I was clinching my leg due to the blood that was flowing out.I was trying to think of a logical thing to say or do, but all I could do was realize that the situation was not just a cut, as a saw white moist pieces of my skin all over the ground and the gate. I knew it was not a good situation. I have anxiety as it is, so in seeing my own flesh on the ground I instantly started screaming and crying. The next 10 minutes felt like an eternity, I could see people coming out of their apartments to see what was going on, but no one was helping, I could also hear Layne on the phone, but she was far away from me because I was so upset, and causing a scene. The paramedics and fire department arrived, and I instantly became more upset, and anxious. I felt as though I was alone, and scared.  I had no idea if I would need surgery or what their plan of action was for me. As I moved from the ground to the ambulance, I was scared, shaken, and alone. I was having an anxiety attack in the ambulance and the paramedics did not seem to care or have any disregard as they stuck an 18-gauge needle in my hand to start and IV. As we made the ever long trip to Emergency Room, I cried, I could not breathe, I was too upset to think, I was so worried, and had no one to talk too. As we arrived at the hospital, I was rushed into a room of 30 people, which made my anxiety skyrocket. As my anxiety rose, the kindness from the hospital staff tried to assure my safety. I become grossed out easily so I did not want to hear about it. But I did hear about my 5 Inch gash that was in my leg and became concerned. They did X-rays on me , as they were stabilizing me. I knew that everything they were doing was for the better but it was ultimately one of the scariest things I had to undergo. They cut off my pants(well what was remaining of them). I felt as though those pants that helped me through my first 13.1 miles was strength that was leaving my body. It was one of the more emotional pieces of clothing I have held on too. Once the doctors had me stable enough, they allowed me to have my phone in which I contacted my family and Layne. Layne through this has been extremely helpful , and almost like a sister to me. I appreciate all that she has done for me. When Layne entered the trauma bay you could tell that she was concerned but wanted to ensure I was okay. It was somewhat fitting that when she entered the room they decided to irrigate my section of flesh that was missing. This they said would be vital in it healing properly. This was the most pain I have ever encountered. Even though I was on pain medication through my IV, it was like someone was ripping out my flesh. It felt awful, and the doctors had to stop twice, I could not breathe from the overwhelming pain. Once they dressed my wound, and Layne had passed out, which was due from a lack of grossness, and seeing the pain I was occurring I felt awful. All Layne was trying to do was to help me, and at this point I could tell the night was wearing on her. Once Layne and I were both taken care of, and I could sit up and chat with her and Nurse Charlotte, I felt assure I would be okay. As if the night was never ending, my prescription was messed up and we ended up back at the Emergency Room, 15 minutes after we had left. Layne though was so helpful and caring, it made me feel better, even though I was dehydrated and out of it. After I almost passed out in CVS, we made our way back to our apartment, where I was able to go to sleep at 4 in the morning. It was such a long night. Even though the bruising and swelling has not receded as much as I would have enjoyed from being 4 days later. The lessons I have learned are exponential. I have realized life is more about the simple things and helping others as they have helped me. I am still undergoing pain daily, and it is mentally exhausting, I will never be able to forget how strong I am. Layne even though she does not want to admit it, saved my life. IT could have been so much worse, if our actions were not done properly. I could have hit my head, or punctured through my leg, or even worse hit my femur, or tore a ligament in my knee. I want to thank Layne for letting me share my side of the event as well, as thank her for all the pain she endured for helping me from the fence. Thanks Layne!!!!


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