Eventful Evening

Well my day yesterDAY continued going swimmingly, but that NIGHT all hell broke loose. Things went from this…

to this…

in a matter of minutes.

Here is what happened… The roommate and I went to the gym at our apartment complex for a late night workout. Our gym is open 24 hours, but you have to have a clicker to get into it. Our clicker was not working properly, so we just went into the gym by way of the clubhouse (no big deal). After our workout we exited the gym the same way that we initially attempted to enter because at that point the clubhouse was closed. What we did not anticipate was that the gate to the pool was locked, and we found ourselves trapped in this little alcove between the pool, gym and clubhouse. I know that this sounds confusing, so I drew you up a visual.

So, we moved some patio furniture around in order to get over the fence and out of our prison. I hopped over the fence no problem (I’m pretty good at climbing on things. I chalk it up to my cheerleading/ gymnastics days). Then Kim tried to climb over it. The table she used was wobbly and threw her off balance. She slipped and got her leg caught on the wrought iron fence. She was stuck with the fence cutting into her leg. I went into cheerleader mode and tried my best to lift her up. I had to rip her pants because they were caught. Then, while I was doing my best to continue hoisting her into the air I lifted her leg off of where it had been penetrated (the official medical terminology used) by the fence. She was screaming the whole time. She obviously could not walk at this point and we were still trapped in a fence with all of the gates locked (see diagram). I called 911; they sent an ambulance and a firetruck, busted into the gate and carried my roommate off to the hospital where we spent the next five hours.

Although I tried my best to be a brave supportive friend throughout the process I actually passed out in the ER while they were cleaning her wound (so embarrassing).

The whole evening was so traumatic (we spent a good portion of our night in the “trauma bay”) and scary. It really put things into perspective. Here I’ve been whining and crying about not knowing about graduate school when I should have just been thankful for my health and safety.

Although Kim is still in a lot of pain, and dressing her wound every day is not going to be fun, I am just so so so happy that she is okay, and that her leg was the only thing was hurt. She could have easily hit her head on the pavement and things could have ended up so much worse.

Here she is all patched up.


2 thoughts on “Eventful Evening

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