Thankful Things Thursday

Well it’s Thursday again, and y’all know what that means… It has been way too long since my last thankful post!

  • Finally being on board with technology- I LOVE my iPhone. Love it. Love it. Love it. Don’t believe me? Check out this tweet!

Told Ya!

I’m also thankful for all of the clever apps that I now have at my disposal. Calorie Counters, Mileage Trackers, and games are great.

Anyone need a portrait painted? I’d be happy to put my artistic skills to use!

But my FAVORITE thing about the iPhone is Twitter! Twitter is fun! Using words like tweet and tweedos is fun. Inserting #s and @s is fun. Having more direct communication with my blog friends (is it okay for me to call you guys that or am I being too forward here?) is exciting! Want to follow me??? 

  • I’m thankful for incredibly accommodating and helpful faculty members. I’ve been chatting with people all week about graduate school opportunities. Although I am still waiting for a few things to go through before I have a definitive answer I am feeling pretty pumped and confident.
  • The sweet cards and gifts I have received for graduation- Maybe it’s tacky for me to mention these on the blog, but I can’t help myself. It is just so thoughtful of people to send me their congratulations and notes. It’s touching how many people are proud of me and want to share in the excitement of all that is happening.
  • Books- and time to read them. I made the mistake of beginning the Hunger Games Trilogy right before exams. That could have been terrible! Luckily, I got through them pretty quickly and was able to get back into study mode. Now I am thoroughly enjoying some leisurely reading materials.
  • Last and probably most importantly, I am thankful for my mom. Today is her birthday! Everyone always thinks that their mom is the best, but they are all wrong. MY MOM IS THE BEST!


3 thoughts on “Thankful Things Thursday

  1. I want an iphone so badly. Lucky you! I am thinking about it but since my phone is paid for by work, it means a huge upgrade in expenses for me. What do you want to study in grad school?

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