Yogi Mentality

Yesterday (meaning Sunday, It’s after midnight, but I have not gone to bed yet, so things get a little confusing) I woke up feeling frazzled and achy and had one thing on my mind… YOGA. Hot yoga specifically. Unfortunately, I had to work that night, so I had to settle for some self lead “bar yoga” (It’s real I promise).

This yoga craving did not subside, but luckily the gym that I tried hot yoga at before had a class tonight. I solicited a friend to go with me, forked over my ten dollars and camped out by the door to the classroom. I NEEDED this class and I was not about to lose my spot.

Normally I’m a group fitness competitor. If the instructor gives different modifications you can bet your bottom dollar that I will choose the most difficult option (even if it is not necessarily the one best suited to my current level of fitness). Yoga is no exception. I always try to do the most challenging poses, and get into the deepest stretch. I want to be the best damn yogi in the class and I want for everyone to know it!

Tonight was different. I was at the back of the class, and the lights were off, so no one could see me (not that they know who I am anyways). I tried my best to continually place my attention on what I was feeling, and what my body needed. Did I need to hold this pose a little longer? Should I utilize the easy modification? What transitioning method did I really want to do tonight?

It made for a completely different experience. I felt like I was nurturing my body, rather than punishing it. When the hour was over I was in a completely different mindset. I felt relaxed, refreshed, and genuinely content. Setting aside that hour for myself tonight was one of the most enjoyable things I have done in weeks (and that is saying something because I just graduated from college)!


One thought on “Yogi Mentality

  1. Hot yoga is one of those classes that forces you to listen to your body and do what feels right. I love it for that reason….I don’t do it often, but whenever I do, I am so grateful that I took the class. Keep on sweating, lady.

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