Warning: Drama Queen

While my last 5K was about being happy and rainbows and unicorns, the race I ran this morning was a little more serious. I knew that I wasn’t going to have a great finishing time a couple of weeks ago, but I really really really wanted to PR today. I KNEW that this was my race. I could feel it.

My sixth race PR sense is clearly a little unreliable because I definitely did not PR. In fact I ran the exact same time to the second as I ran the Cupid’s Crawl 5K a whole year ago. After running consistently for an ENTIRE year, and switching to a flatter course I am in the exact same place. I’m just having a little trouble wrapping my mind around that.

Anyways, I came off the course frustrated and my friend Michelle was bubbling over with excitement because she had taken a whopping 5 minutes off of her last time. I was being a drama queen. Instead of being the supportive friend that I should have been, I snapped at her. So now I (obviously) feel even worse. Not only am I a bad runner. I’m a bad friend too.

Point being: It’s only running. It’s just something that I do for fun; not anything to get all bent out of shape over. But I am disappointed in myself, and I do need to put in work if I want to improve.

***Also, I was being such a brat about the whole thing that I did not even take a single picture, which makes me even more upset.***


4 thoughts on “Warning: Drama Queen

  1. So many factors go into your race times and why they are what they are! Try to think of how good it is that you’ve been consistent this whole year and didn’t add any minutes to your time! Now go buy your friend a cupcake and tell her good job!

  2. Awww, I know how you feel. When I have a bad race or run, I want everyone else to have a bad one too so we can commiserate or at least agree that the weather, the moons, or the poorly placed water stations are to blame. At the very least, you didn’t lose any time and also Jupiter was in the seventh house, so you know, that means it’s hard to run fast, or something…

    Please keep in touch with me…I’ll still be around. You can email or gchat me at mandyelaine at gmail….and of course, I’ll be reading your blog. 🙂

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