Cupid’s Crawl 5k 2012

I ran a 5k this morning! Not just any old 5k, for FOUR of my friends it was their very first race ever, which made the whole event really exciting!

Lindsey, Megan, Rebekah, and Katie

I knew that this was not going to be a great race for me for a variety of reasons excuses that are totally irrelevant, so I made a different list of goals today:

  • No matter what just keep running- DO NOT WALK!
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Thank every volunteer.
  • Be as encouraging as possible to my friends!
  • (Hopefully beat my time last year.)
All of us stood together as we waited to cross the start line, but as soon as the race began we broke up into groups. Katie and Sarah were power walking divas, Michelle took off like a shot, Rebekah and Megan disappeared (sneaky AND fast). I ran the first half of the race with Lindsey.

I may have briefly mentioned the massive hills in this race when I ran it before (that’s a joke. I was a total baby about the hills), and the course did not get any flatter over the last 365 days. My legs were burning (in an AWESOME way)!

I ended up seeing those power walkers at the turn around and I gave a big two arm cheer for them! That may have been my favorite part of the whole race. The people around me thought I was nuts, but the goal was positivity! (Is that not a real word? I definitely think it is, but the red squiggle line disagrees).

After I finished I walked back and ran in the four of my girls who ended up behind me. Katie called me her personal cheerleader, which was sweet.

Then, like the sorority girls we are we had to partake in a photo session!

I don't know how Sarah got cut out of the second pic, but she finished people I promise!

From left to right in the first picture: Michelle, Me, Lindsey, Sarah, Katie, Rebekah, Megan.

My form is so stellar! I don't know why I don't have faster times???

Anyways, it made for a fun Saturday morning. I feel satisfied that I accomplished all of my goals, except for beating my time last year, and honestly that one was the least important.



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