OMG Hi guys!

I know that you all were worried and thought that something really tragic had happened. Please allow me to alleviate your anxiety. I am alive and well. You would be aware if you followed me on Pinterest, because I have definitely been active on that social media outlet.

I got a cold. It turned into an upper respiratory infection. I felt pretty lousy and couldn’t breath (and therefore could not workout.) And honestly, how many times could I post “blah blah blah so sick meeeeeep”?

Anyways at this point I think that I have bounced back. Although I am not at 100% I am feeling much better, and have been hitting the gym hardcore, well as hardcore as a 6:22 marathoner can.

Anyways, sorry for being M.I.A.

Promise I’ll do better!

Here's a pic in case you forgot what I look like!


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