Do you hate running?

The first day of a new semester is always exciting. New professors. New classmates. New pencils. I totally love it.

I hate the first day of class. The professor reads the syllabus, which as a college student I like to think that I am more than capable of reading for myself in the comfort of my own home (preferably on my own couch). Then everyone class introduces themselves. I always say the same thing, “HiI’mLayne. I’mfromAshevilleNorthCarolina. DoublemajorinPsychologyandExerciseSportsScience. SomethinginterestingisthatIfind4leafcloversallthe team.” Whatever.

Today in one of my Exercise Sports Science classes everyone had to say their favorite and least favorite physical activity. The overwhelming majority of the class said that they HATED running.

Sure there are days when I don’t feel like running. There are tough workouts that may momentarily make me not want to run, but overall I would never say that I HATE running. If I had to pick a least favorite physical activity I would say organized group games where everyone looks at me (like baseball/ kickball).

What about you? Do you hate running? Why? Least favorite activity?


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