Tracking Workouts

I woke up this morning in a stinking bad mood for no obvious reason. I’m sure that it didn’t have anything to do with this snuggle-bug being a bed hog all night.

After lingering for way too long over coffee and the news I decided to just shake it off and hit the gym. The student rec center that I use LOOOOOOVE was open today for the first time since Christmas and I was antsy to be reunited.

I did a little baby triathlon with a bike, run, and swim (all short distances focusing on intervals of speed). I felt AWESOME afterwards! It was especially great to swim laps, something that I love, but don’t do often enough!

One of my resolutions was to come up with a better way to log my workouts. When I wrote the list my intention was to use excel or a journal, but I have decided to try out Daily Mile. I read someone else’s description of it as “facebook for gym rats”. You log your workouts. Your friends can see what you log, and leave you comments. I currently have three friends.

If you are considering pursuing any type of fitness related goal, then I would love for you to  join me on daily mile and be my friend! (That way I can stalk your workouts)



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