That’s my 1.5 Fox

Well well well, I must say that I am reallllllllly excited about this season of The Biggest Loser. In the past I have gotten into the show, but last season I was mad about Jillian leaving, so I boycotted it. Mature. I know.

Dolvett is adorable. My heart melted a little when he winked. I just wish he wouldn’t bother with the shirt. Especially now that he has a nice new Layne tattoo.


Emily and Chism are my two favorite contestants thus far.



 I just think she is likable, and gorgeous. She will probably be my favorite until she gets skinny. Then I’ll be jealous, and hate her.


Chism is precious. He looks like a little kid.


I think that Roy is super funny. I’m sure it was totally coincidental that they made him red.  He is SANTA! I read it in his bio. I loved it that he told the trainers they were going to be on the naughty list!

I read almost all of the contestant biographies. Lots of them mentioned running a marathon, which I thought was really exciting. They also mentioned lots of fun activities that they wanted to be able to do like skydiving, white water rafting, rock climbing, and play sports, which I thought were way cooler goals than wear a bikini.

So I’ll admit it. I cried. I always cry when I watch Biggest Loser. But I cry all the time, so what do I know.

Anybody watch it? What did you think? Did you cry? Who were your favs?


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