My New Year

Happppppppppy Newwwwwww Yeeeeeear!

Yes it is the middle of the night on the biggest drinking holiday, no I am not blogging under the influence. I actually JUST got home from WORKING all night and have not had a drop of alcohol.

It’s lame I know, but things get even better. I was actually holding cleaner in my hand when the clock struck 12:00.

The whole ordeal was actually very “Cinderella-esque”, which can only lead me to one conclusion… 2012 must be the year I meet my Prince Charming!

So if you know any eligible bachelors in my area send them my way!

(Must love running, insane yellow labs, and vegetables. Must have the patience of a saint, plenty of cash-money, a cute butt and an excellent smile.)

The fine print is very important!


2 thoughts on “My New Year

  1. Happy New Year! I also didn’t do anything crazy and noteworthy for new years eve. And in my opinion its not lame to not celebrate…in fact, it’s awesome! I will let you know if there any eligible bachelors and likewise!

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