Hotties and Hot Yoga

Last night I went to a hot yoga class with a group of my sisters!

Although I have taken many yoga classes, including an entire semester of it my freshman year I had never tried hot yoga and was really excited to see what the hype was all about. Michelle (in the tank top) and Jamie (in the pink) are regular “hot yogis” at a studio in Raleigh. Lindsey has owned a yoga mat for two years, but she unrolled it for the first time last night.

We had an array of experience.

I expected for the room to be like a sauna. I was wrong. There was a kickboxing class right before we started, so they did not turn off the air conditioning until immediately before we went in. Then they brought in space heaters and turned them on as we were beginning. It took a while for the room to warm up.

Regardless it definitely got hot enough for us to get sweaty. My mat became so wet that it was slimey, it was a miracle that I didn’t slip.

Big props to my girls for being good sports about posing for pictures in awkward public places.

Notice anything different??? Lindsey is a freak and she didn’t sweat at all. She was totally grossed out by the rest of us. It may look like I’m not that sweaty, but don’t be fooled. The moisture wicking fabric definitely did its job. How is it even possible that I look better in the after picture?

I was so impressed with Michelle and Jamie’sĀ sudoriferous glands that I made them do individual photo shoots. I have no idea why they are my friends!

I really enjoyed the class. Towards the end I felt like I definitely got into it. Although I don’t think I am going to sign up to take this class every week, I would be down to try it again.

Dreaming of Warmer Places

Today I was scheduled to do some hill repeats. The benefits of hills include

  • Increased speed
  • Stronger Legs

I really did not want to run. Did you look outside? It was gray. And misty. And GROSS. All I wanted to do was snuggle with my dog and drink hot chocolate. But after a few hours of procrastination I finally forced myself out the door.

My legs felt fresh, and I tackled my workout without a problem. (Except for the cold.) It was FREEZING. I fogged up the windows in my car. It was practically a scene from Titanic except minus the hottie and life altering romance.

The entire time that I was in the cold I was dreaming about running some place beautiful and warm.

Speaking of beautiful places…

Gorgeous right? It’s a marathon/ half marathon in Newport, Rhode Island. A stone’s throw away from my roommates home town. I am DYING to run it this fall. I have been absolutely fantasizing about it.

Wet T-Shirts and Astro-Glide

Now that the rooms and I are OFFICIALLY in half marathon training mode, we went out for a nice little 4 mile run today. After a couple of weeks of mainly focusing on group fitness classes it was nice to stretch out my legs and do what I love most.

It started raining half way through our run. I suggested cutting it short and finishing at the gym, but my BA roommate insisted that we stick with our original plan. It was fun to run in the rain! I was happy that we kept running outside, I was happier that I wasn’t wearing a white shirt!

This is an old picture, but I looked the same today.

We ran a 5K loop, then a nice little “dessert run” along the river. My legs felt heavy and less than optimal. I’m not too worried though because I think it can be attributed to a long shift at work and a tough workout the day before.

We’re doing hills tomorrow. That’ll teach my legs to keep quiet and behave.

I did run into another tiny difficulty. I thought that with such a small run planned I would be fine to wear my shorty shorts. WRONG. So wrong. Totally wrong. I had some major chaffing going on. Then I said that I needed Astro-Glide. F.Y.I. Astro-glide is not anti chaffing cream (Oops).

Sometimes my life is so glamorous.

Present in the Mail

Things have been interesting lately for sure.

Simple tasks have turned into catastrophes. Getting things accomplished has been a struggle. Take today for example:

  1. I overslept. My alarm clock was beeping, but I was not waking up. I finally realized how late it was when my dog put her cold nose in my eyeball (definitely my favorite way to wake up). Luckily, I got it together and made it to class right on time.
  2. I awoke to a face full of pimples.
  3. I had an hour break in between classes, so I thought I would treat myself to a coffee. Got up to pay for it… No debit card. No cash. Plenty of embarrassment.
  4. I received an e-mail saying that I owed another almost $300 for tuition. GRRREAT!
  5. So I rush over to campus to pay it before they close for the day, park in the wrong spot and end up owing them another $15.00 for a parking ticket.
  6. My yoga class that I had been anticipating with excitement for days was cancelled.
  7. I went out for Mexican and the waiter was not nice. He was rude, and kind of hurt my feelings.

Luckily I had a bomb workout today and ended up in an endorphin induced haze of good feelings (the best kind), and got a very exciting package in the mail!

NEW SPORTS BRASSSSSS! I only had to buy one textbook this semester, and I’m taking two workout related classes, so I decided that I NEEDED some new athletic apparel. I mean they’re school supplies RIGHT?!?!


My Muscles Have No Idea What The F Is Going On

Allow me to introduce this bad boy… the eight inch step platform!

Yeah it looks like no big thing, but trust me this guy is rough. We have recently become acquainted, and he makes me hurt so good.

Lately I have been OBSESSED with group fitness classes. I have been to like three or four in the past week. They (I’m not to sure who “they” are) say that muscle confusion is the key to improvement. My muscles have no idea what the F is going on, and I have lost three and a half pounds.

What I love about the group fitness is that it pushes me to work body parts (oh I have arms???) that I would never have the motivation/ discipline to work on my own.

In other waaaaaaay cooler news…

The roomsie and I registered for a half marathon tonight! We’re pretty excited!

Day one of training starts tomorrow.



Streaking Malfunction

My life is such a joke. I thought that I had a meeting this morning, turns out I was a week early. Luckily no one was there, so I am the only one who knows about my little blunder (until now…).

So I am stuck on campus two hours early. Nothing like a little relaxing free time. I purchased myself a five dollar gigantic yogurt (which I definitely can’t even finish) and here I sit.

My running streak came to anĀ abrupt halt yesterday. I know I suck. I’m 0 for 2.

But here is my excuse… it’s legit.

I planned on going to the gym at my apartment complex last night. IT WAS LOCKED! So yes I could have run outside at 11:00 pm, but I didn’t feel safe. Whatever plenty of time.

Do you hate running?

The first day of a new semester is always exciting. New professors. New classmates. New pencils. I totally love it.

I hate the first day of class. The professor reads the syllabus, which as a college student I like to think that I am more than capable of reading for myself in the comfort of my own home (preferably on my own couch). Then everyone class introduces themselves. I always say the same thing, “HiI’mLayne. I’mfromAshevilleNorthCarolina. DoublemajorinPsychologyandExerciseSportsScience. SomethinginterestingisthatIfind4leafcloversallthe team.” Whatever.

Today in one of my Exercise Sports Science classes everyone had to say their favorite and least favorite physical activity. The overwhelming majority of the class said that they HATED running.

Sure there are days when I don’t feel like running. There are tough workouts that may momentarily make me not want to run, but overall I would never say that I HATE running. If I had to pick a least favorite physical activity I would say organized group games where everyone looks at me (like baseball/ kickball).

What about you? Do you hate running? Why? Least favorite activity?