Yes, I ran a marathon. No, I am not a Kenyan.

When I tell someone about how I successfully completed my first marathon they always get this look all over their face…




It’s actually pretty disheartening, especially when the look is followed by the questions, “Are YOU serious? YOOOOOU ran a marathon? You know that’s twenty six miles?”

I feel like it is insulting on so many levels.

#1. I am not an idiot. I know the distance of a marathon. I covered every inch of the race.

#2. I am not a liar. I would not tell you that I did ANYTHING that I had not actually done.

#3. I know that the reason that I get this intense response is because of my body. I HAVE CURVES. I will always have curves. When I was fourteen I had curves. I could run 100 miles a week and I would still not have that stereotypical marathoner body.

Here I am at 115 pounds.

Ignore my friend's face. She thought she was being funny.

Yep still curvy.

People have this idea that in order to be a marathoner you have to have legs that are miles long, and be incredibly tall without an ounce of body fat.

I feel like this description is fairly reflective of the elite athletes, but not at all accurate when looking at the middle of the pack runners. One of my favorite things about the marathon was the diversity of the runners. Frail old ladies and Jewish men wearing hats were on the course finishing strong. The running community is very inclusive.

We’re not all Kenyans, nor should we be.


Makin’ Plans

I have had a permanent tab up for the past 72 hours.

I am so torn about what to do with racing season 2012. I have had my eye on The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach ever since I finished Chicago, but at this point it is thirteen weeks away and I have not done a single long run. I feel confident that I could be ready to complete it, but I don’t think I would be prepared to do as well I would like. I already ran one marathon with the goal of just finishing. I want for my second marathon to be about improvement.

And I left myself PLENTY of room for improvement.

There are a million amazing destination races to choose from, but at this point I feel like I am too unsure of what my finances will be like to commit to anything. I’m graduating in May, but I don’t have a job lined up yet. I don’t know if I’ll get a place of my own (probably), or if I’ll be moving back in with my family (at least temporarily).

For right now I think that my best bet is to just wait it out, and look into closer races. I’m only 23. I have plenty of time.


I feel like I had the LAZIEST weekend every. I ate a lot. I slept a lot. I watched an entire season of Gossip Girl!

I also finished up (okay and started) my Christmas shopping! I’m pretty excited about all of the gifts that I have for my family, and I am even more excited to see them THIS WEEK!

While I was watching hours of television I transferred my favorite posts from the old blog to the new one. I feel bad for my one subscriber because I’m sure she received about fifteen e-mails from me yesterday (SORRY). There is probably a more efficient way to transfer content, but I used the good ole copy and paste method.

After a weekend of being deliciously lazy I have a massive to do list to take care of today!


Posted on November 14, 2011

I have mentioned before how much I love pinterest, but I happened across an image that really bothered me, and I have been wrestling with the emotional repercussions  all day.

The caption was, “Holy cellulite! Do they make norts in XXXXL?”.

(FYI: Nike+Shorts =Norts)

That is just mean! Obviously this poor girl was either going to or coming from the gym, so she is attempting to do something positive for herself. I became even more upset when I realized that this picture had been tweeted from an account with FOUR THOUSAND followers. This innocent person was publicly humiliated for doing absolutely nothing.

As women, we feel pressure to look a certain way. I don’t know a girl who has never had an insecure moment (and I have some GORGEOUS friends), but this problem will only become exacerbated if we women use social media as a platform to tear each other down.

This kind of malicious behavior is intolerable. Yeah, that girl might have some cellulite, but the person who photographed her has some serious character flaws and no diet can fix that problem.

Dodging Boyfriends

Posted on November 8, 2011

I don’t know what has gotten into the boys at the gym, but the roommate and I have been attracting a lot of attention recently.

We are five for five being chatted up by hotties. They have come up with all of these lame excuses to approach us ranging from “Did you drop your phone?” to “Oh! Can I help you change the channel?”. They think they are so clever and nonchalant, but I see right through their little facade. I know they are just scouring their brains looking for reasons to talk to us. Seriously, shouldn’t they be more concerned with picking up weights than girls. Silly boys.

Then tonight I caught that hussy trying to wear a push up bra to the gym. PUSH UP BRA! I don’t know who she thinks she is fooling.

I mean here I am just trying to get my workout on, and I am having to dodge all of this male attention on the track while the roomie turns on her charm.

My life is so complicated…

(FYI: I may have taken creative liberties here)

If the “Shoe” Fits

Posted on October 21, 2011

When given a “shoe” the day of a semi-formal event, what’s a girl to do?

ROCK IT of course! And it always helps to have a friend in the same situation. Thanks Alicia!

The good news is that I do not have a stress fracture. I have strained the tendon that runs along the bottom of my foot.

Right inside that blue circle. Don’t you love my paint skills? Boys like girls with skills! Yes, that is a beauty mark on the bottom of my foot. What can I say? I have beautiful feet! NOTTT!

The doctor said that I would have to stay off of it for TWO WEEKS! Considering I have been off of it for a week and a half, and I am already getting a little stir crazy; I seriously don’t see that happening. For the next few days I will not be doing any running/elipticalling. I will have to get creative. Maybe I will try to do some weights or abs. We’ll see how it works out, but if I took two weeks off I would have to buy all new clothes because I would not be able to squeeze into my jeans.

Post Marathon Blues

Posted on October 19, 2011

I have been in a very strange post marathon place.

For starters, I have not been able to get enough sleep. It’s been over a week now and I am still sleeping and sleeping and sleeping!

I feel like my head is in a total fog. I keep getting distracted or forgetting what I am doing in the middle of things. It would be dishonest for me to act like I am the most focused person,  but really I am just not feeling like myself.

I did SOMETHING to my right foot/ ankle in the race. It did not start really bothering me until the next day. I figured it was just an overuse injury and if I took a few days off it would bounce right back. Think again. It is still puffing up and tender to touch. It would have been weird for me to make it through this whole process without a single injury, but a post marathon injury blows. C’mon! How anticlimactic can you freaking get? I am going to student health today to have it inspected.

With the whole minor foot/ankle injury I have not spent very much time in the gym, and I have spent ZERO time on the road. This has left me feeling like a great big lazy slug. I just lay around and slime all over the place (how is that for a visual). Also, I think that the lack of endorphins is making me into a big crank.

Well after all of that complaining, I have to admit that I have been absolutely FANTASIZING about running more races. I have been day dreaming about running the way that boys think about sex (all day every day). I am really excited about the Princess Half, but there are so many other great races out there: Shamrock in Va Beach, San Francisco Marathon, OBX Marathon! I really want to run another one, and this time do it FAST (or faster for me anyways)