Post Marathon Blues

Posted on October 19, 2011

I have been in a very strange post marathon place.

For starters, I have not been able to get enough sleep. It’s been over a week now and I am still sleeping and sleeping and sleeping!

I feel like my head is in a total fog. I keep getting distracted or forgetting what I am doing in the middle of things. It would be dishonest for me to act like I am the most focused person,  but really I am just not feeling like myself.

I did SOMETHING to my right foot/ ankle in the race. It did not start really bothering me until the next day. I figured it was just an overuse injury and if I took a few days off it would bounce right back. Think again. It is still puffing up and tender to touch. It would have been weird for me to make it through this whole process without a single injury, but a post marathon injury blows. C’mon! How anticlimactic can you freaking get? I am going to student health today to have it inspected.

With the whole minor foot/ankle injury I have not spent very much time in the gym, and I have spent ZERO time on the road. This has left me feeling like a great big lazy slug. I just lay around and slime all over the place (how is that for a visual). Also, I think that the lack of endorphins is making me into a big crank.

Well after all of that complaining, I have to admit that I have been absolutely FANTASIZING about running more races. I have been day dreaming about running the way that boys think about sex (all day every day). I am really excited about the Princess Half, but there are so many other great races out there: Shamrock in Va Beach, San Francisco Marathon, OBX Marathon! I really want to run another one, and this time do it FAST (or faster for me anyways)


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