On My Last Nerve

Posted on March 17, 2011

I looooooooooove to people watch, and the gym is full of interesting characters. But some of them totally get on my nerves… I sense a bitchfest coming on:

  • Slocker-  slow-walker, I mean really slow, he can barely get one foot in front of the other. It would take all night for him to go a mile. Why is this person even at the gym? He is CLEARLY not getting a workout. What’s even worse is when he’s slocking in the fast lane, or traveling in a group and those of us trying to run can’t get through. I’m all about a good power walk, in the walking lane, while being considerate of others, but I don’t know why this guy is even at the gym.
  • Jammer- His headphones are turned up so loud that I can’t hear my own music. I don’t want to listen to your thug tunes, country twang, or cheese-ball pop. I spend my entire workout worrying about his hearing loss.

  • Braless Bimbo- You’ve seen ‘em UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN ewwww. How am I supposed to run when I just want laugh? Doesn’t that hurt? Two words for this chick… SPORTS BRA!
  • Channel Changer- Here I am very happily watching Jersey Shore, and this guy comes in and turns on Fox News without even asking, so inconsiderate.
  • Thunderous Pack- You hear ‘em before you see ‘em.  They travel in a group and converse loudly the entire time they are there (which usually isn’t very long). These attention starved fools put on a huge production, and drive me bananas.
  • The Nudist- I just want to wash my hands, and what do I have to see… NAKED PEOPLE! I get it, they have to change, but why, why, why, must these women (usually little old ladies) hang out naked for extended periods of time?

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