Mile Markers

I love the way that Kristin Armstrong writes. Her voice is soothing and she arranges words beautifully. She writes about trying to become the best version of herself possible and using running as a catalyst for larger topics such as friendship, healing, confidence, fear, and purpose.

I think that I especially appreciated this book because as a new runner I could feel how my workouts effected other areas of my life.

My only complaint is that I think it is essentially a compilation of her blog, and at times it got a little repetitive. I don’t have a problem with using pieces of a blog in a book, but I don’t think they did a good job of editing it. The same joke appeared multiple times, and it seemed lazy which was irritating.


“Runners are an inherently spiritual crew, having first hand experience with the concept that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Going physically beyond yourself helps you understand that there is something bigger and mightier than you.”

“When words are insufficient people who run make an offering of miles.”

“Confidence on the inside means that you feel so comfortable in your own skin that your very presence is an invitation to freedom for others.”

“Facing fear is ultimately easier than constantly navigating around situations that provoke it.”


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