Maybe My Uterus is Going to Fall Out

In recent history women were not allowed to participate in marathons due to a belief that the physical strain on their bodies was so hard it would cause their uteruses (uteri???) to fall out.

Although I do believe my fertility remains intact, I feel pretty crappy. Everything hurts. Every muscle in my legs feels like it has been ripped apart. My shoulders/ neck are sore from my soccer mom walk. And I have blisters in locations one would not even imagine.

Currently my diet consists of various forms of painkillers and caffeine (nothing is appetizing). I have yet to wash my hair. And I look like a delusional dehydrated serial killer with a camel-toe in all of my race day photos.

Thank goodness it’s fall break. I’m curling up in a ball and trying not to think about all of the things I should be doing.


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