Posted on November 14, 2011

I have mentioned before how much I love pinterest, but I happened across an image that really bothered me, and I have been wrestling with the emotional repercussions  all day.

The caption was, “Holy cellulite! Do they make norts in XXXXL?”.

(FYI: Nike+Shorts =Norts)

That is just mean! Obviously this poor girl was either going to or coming from the gym, so she is attempting to do something positive for herself. I became even more upset when I realized that this picture had been tweeted from an account with FOUR THOUSAND followers. This innocent person was publicly humiliated for doing absolutely nothing.

As women, we feel pressure to look a certain way. I don’t know a girl who has never had an insecure moment (and I have some GORGEOUS friends), but this problem will only become exacerbated if we women use social media as a platform to tear each other down.

This kind of malicious behavior is intolerable. Yeah, that girl might have some cellulite, but the person who photographed her has some serious character flaws and no diet can fix that problem.


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