Including the Love Child

The past two months I have been doing a lot of running. I have loved it. I am feeling strong, and definitely 100x more fit than I was on January first.

When I started this blog the goal was to become a “runner”, therefore I decided to only count the miles I spent running/walking/jogging. I didn’t want for the elliptical to count towards my miles, because to me that’s not really running.

The elliptical was conceived one night in a seedy gym when a lonely treadmill hooked up with a sexually frustrated exercise bike. I wanted no part in their love child. 

I have always considered elliptical machines easier than running, and I didn’t want to cheat myself. As a result I have spent zero time on the elliptical machine… until yesterday that is.

Allow me to introduce this bad boy, the Precor AMT machine.

Let me tell you, this little puppy kicked my butt.

You determine your stride length, so I felt like I wasn’t working off of momentum like I have on other ellipticals. When I had the resistance up it felt HARDER than my runs around the track. It took me about the same amount of time to complete four miles as it does on the track. It certainly didn’t feel like cheating.

My marathon plan calls for lots of cross training the first few weeks. Codi also recommended that I do other exercises besides running.

The way I see it, my goal is to cross the finish line on October 9th injury free. If this machine can help me do that, then I would be cheating myself not to use it. I need to be doing everything to make my body stronger in the time leading up to my marathon training. If I can work out my muscles without putting extra stress on my joints, then why not?


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